PLFS’s New Furniture Rental Service

PLFS have now launched a new Rental Service for the property market. Whether you are a landlord, a tenant or someone who has a short term furniture need, then we can help you. With fully furnished studio flats starting at £85.00 plus VAT per month, we have the package to suit your needs and can accommodate any rental period from 1 month to 3 years.


Our new rentals website is currently under construction and will be launched soon so please keep checking this page as well as our main website for further updates.


In the meantime if you need any further assistance or a quotation please complete the contact us form or call 01268 729788 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.


Thank you!

Choose The Pack That Fits

Furnishing a house or apartment from scratch can be a long and frustrating experience and just when you think it complete you will undoubtedly find there is something obvious forgotten.


This is where the company comes into its own with complete furniture packs for every room from kitchen to bathroom and lounge to bedroom.


A whole house or apartment can be instantly completely furnished on a room by room basis. This means just the bedroom can be kitted out or any of the other rooms. It may also mean you are only looking for specific items and not the complete set. This way of ordering online can also be accommodated for.


Being able to buy this way saves a great deal of time and hassle. Instead of drifting from one web site to another to find everything from cookers to bed linen we have it all here under one roof.


We also deliver the whole lot in one go and as long as all is in stock this usually means the very next day.


There is a lot of advantage in buying from one supplier such as this because it means one receipt, one payment and one delivery. Conversely, when buying individual items from different suppliers it is often necessary for a person to be present at different times and different days.


Buying a furniture pack from the many on display is advantageous in other ways as well. The high quality products are bought wholesale and this advantage is passed on to the customer by means of prices that beat most traditional retailers.


The shape and size of the room will dictate the type of furniture you need to buy. Obviously a small one bedroom London apartment should not be over crowded with furniture and some of the more compact space saving furniture would be best.


Over filling an apartment can be a mistake when the agent struggles to show a prospective tenant around. They may immediately be put off the place if they find that getting around the room together becomes like a contortionists nightmare.

Keep It Hot In The Kitchen

Here you will find a full range of kitchen equipment including a selection of all white goods from fridge to washing machine and dishwasher to cookers.


Electric cookers are generally considered to be better than gas. They are cleaner and safer as well as being considered more efficient than gas. Every professional or amateur chef will say that gas is best for the hob and electric for the oven.



This selection allows for a choice between gas and electric and even a combination of the two. Gas rings are obviously better because of the instant response when turning the near boiling liquid foods down. Electric is longer to respond. Electric ovens are better than gas ovens because they stay at a more even and better distributed temperature.


There are cookers here to suit all preferred tastes and a variation in size to fit large and small kitchens.


Many professional workers in London especially those living on their own have little time for cooking. The majority of people in this position often eat out at the end of the day or have takeaways brought to the door.


Despite this, the cooker is still an essential part of any furnished apartment. In fact it is a necessary piece of equipment in order to advertise the property as fully furnished.


As you would expect from this site that can truthfully claim to furnish an empty apartment from top to bottom with one order, there is also the opportunity to buy an electric cooker hood with the cooker.


In most situations the cooker hood is an essential additional apparatus especially for smaller apartments with small kitchens and also as a courtesy to other tenants in the same block.


In these days when we all seem to be having to tighten our belts it is perhaps unsurprising that cookery programs on the television are so popular. It is also unsurprising that there is an emphasis on cooking cheaply and in this the oven is perfect for very long, low heat dishes like casseroles.

How To Save Time

Many modern household appliances are taken for granted these days and this now includes the dishwasher that just three or four decades ago was considered a luxury afforded only by the better off.


When kitting out an apartment to let in London, it is always better to have in mind a typical tenant as being a busy young executive. The type of single person affording property in London is usually the busy executive who gets up early and comes home late.


The hours he or she has in their apartment are valuable and anything that saves having to do manual chores is expected these days. It is therefore more or less essential that getting a good tenant means providing dishwashers as well as washing machines and dryers.


If the prospective tenant is taken to view a property and steps inside to find something like a five star hotel suite with the extra facilities of washing machine and dishwasher then he or she is much more likely to want the agreement signed there and then.


At this site there are a number of washing machines to choose from and all are designed these days to slide beneath the average work surface thereby saving on space.



A number of major manufacturers machine are in stock and all come with the standard warranty that enables you to approach the manufacturer direct in the unlikely event of there being any problem.


The latest models are extremely quiet and this is an important consideration in a small apartment where an old noisy washer can be an irritant not only to the tenant but possibly to neighbours as well.


With everything to fully furnish a house or apartment under one roof including these appliances and all other white goods, the company recognises the need to have them all properly plumbed in ready to go.


This service is offered on all orders which mean that the goods are unwrapped on site, checked and plumbed in on the same day as delivery and finally, tested before all packaging is removed.

Make Eating At Table A Habit

An essential part of any home is the dining area consisting of a number of chairs around a table.


During the fifties and sixties when most households got hold of their first televisions it was considered normal to sit in front of the screen and eat supper from a plate on the lap. This habit was encouraged by adverts from the USA.


A sociologist might argue that this was the beginning of the breakdown of the typical family unit. Conversation between members of the family ceased as everyone concentrated on the latest soap on the box.



The dining area is an essential part of any home however small or large that may be. It should be out of the range of the television if possible and if not, then the television should always be switched off during meal times.


Designing a dining area from scratch is simple enough as the standard arrangement of a table and two, four or six chairs, depending on the number of people in the home, will always be the focal point of the room.


Choosing from the large selection of tables and chairs at this site is an easy and pleasurable experience. There are tables and chairs to fit most dining areas no matter how large or small. A large budget is not necessary with enough choice to suit every pocket.


With a very confined area such as a one bedroom apartment the traditional leaf fold table is a useful option. You do not want a large part of a small room taken up with the table at times other than sitting down to meals so the folding table is a clever space saving option.


There are items we take for granted in any home and this includes beds, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms and finally a comfortable dining area with dining table and chairs.


All dining room furniture is available here with the emphasis on classic solid looks made from solid hard woods or steel. Everything down to the candlesticks can be found here.

When Space Is At A Premium

If you have any knowledge what is allowed and what is not, one thing is for sure; in the housing or letting market certainly in London, people are no longer able to hang their washing out on balconies in many districts if you are living in an apartment or flat.


This can pose a problem for householders or tenants, especially where families are concerned.  I have seen many a swanky flat where all the laundry is hanging over radiators creating a messy atmosphere.  It will also not do the wallpaper or paintwork any good to be continually wet.



The most surprising fact was that the landlords of these expensive properties did not seem to have thought of adding a washer dryer rather than a simple washing machine to their inventory. The former appliance takes up the same room as a washing machine, so if space is of a premium the buying of a combined appliance makes sense.


If you should have a look at what Property Letting Furniture Solutions have to offer in their appliance ranges you will soon find out that this dual purpose machine is not at all much more expensive than a washing machine.


This company will be able to supply you will all white goods your property may need, including cookers, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners.  In fact all items that are needed in the home are available from them.  The clue is in the name; tailored initially to the letting industry to provide landlords with a stress free choice in furniture, they will of course not sell their products exclusively to this market.


Anyone who wishes to furnish their property will find something to their liking stocked in their large warehouse.  Delivery is prompt, it takes less than a week for the goods to arrive at your and the beauty is that furniture is assembled in situ if you require it at no extra cost.


However, there may be a charge if you need your washer dryer or washing machine plumbed in as a professional is required for this type of job.

Some Handy Tips For Home Furnishing

It is not easy to imagine someone else’s taste if you are a landlord and have to furnish your property.  What to buy to make your property easy to let?  The best thing is to think minimalist.  You will have to play with the dimensions of the rooms that are available and you must make sure that the best use of the space is made.


This is why the furniture ranges that Property Letting Furniture Solutions stock comes in handy to make up your mind.  They will show you how to create a neutral theme that will flow effortless from one space to another.



The best place to start is to make sure that all the walls and paintwork are light.  You should either choose white or another pale colour for the walls. The paintwork on the window sills and doors should always be white to create an airy atmosphere.  To this you can then gradually add your chosen pieces of furniture.


It is far better to have a few well-chosen items than to over furnish any particular room.
This is where the packs come in handy as much experience has gone in to their assembly.  You can purchase literally everything from this one supplier, including soft furnishings, appliances, starter packs for the kitchen and floor coverings.


Blinds are always a good option for the modern home.  These will be made to measure when you supply the dimensions, as will be the curtains or nets if you prefer these.  The trick here is to create a serene atmosphere without personalising the property to your own particular taste.  Your tenants can always add bits and pieces to stamp their own character on the place.


It is sufficient to furnish your property in such a manner that it is easy for a tenant to see where they personalise the property themselves.  It may be a good idea to add some picture hooks to the walls to prevent your tenants hammering unwanted holes in the newly painted surfaces.  However, if you should want to add some pieces of artwork yourself, then these are available too from this supplier.

Where To Find All Your Furnishings Needs

Whether you are a landlord or a new home owner, it is always a headache to find furniture and soft furnishings that are to your taste and budget.


As is well known, these days everything can be bought under one roof in one of the many mega stores that have sprung up all over the country.  However, you have to get yourself there, cram your purchases in the car as best you can and then put it together yourself too when you get home.


If you cannot be bothered with all that hassle there is another way to put the finishing touches to your property.  On the internet you will find companies that will sell everything that is needed, including linen and towel packs without you having to leave your home.



Once you have paid, the goods will be delivered to your property and it will also be assembled for you at no extra cost.  Just imagine; there is no stress involved by having to take days on end off work to let the workmen in.


If you should be in the happy position to have bought a house to move into after your wedding, there is no better company than to place your gift list with Property Letting Furniture Solutions to enable your guests to buy something for your new home to help you on your way to marital bliss.


Things such as towel packs and kitchen utensils are always a popular choice for guests to buy as they are useful and reasonably priced too.  They will instantly turn your home in a nice place to be and put the finishing touches to the overall look.


Even if you are a landlord going that extra mile to make your tenants feel at home will go a long way to let your property easily.  First time tenants do not often have much money to spare to buy things for the home and it is a nice touch to provide everything.


For all that your home needs Property Letting Furniture Solutions has a great variety of goods on offer for all tastes and budgets.

The best way to maximise your tenants enjoyment of the entertainment systems

Making sure that the living room is as functional and comfortable as possible will be vital in making in ensuring the tenant quickly settles into the property and also in selling the property itself when you are advertising the space for rental.


The importance of the living room is such because it will be one of the most used and frequented rooms in the property. The room that you tenants will be spending most of their time in should therefore be engaging and relaxing as this will permeate throughout the rest of the house (or flat as the case may be).


In order to make the room as comfortable and as practical as possible one will firstly need to ascertain, understand and accentuate the various uses of the living room. Firstly this can be broken down into two broad concepts – relaxation and socialisation. The living room will be a place where your tenants will relax and unwind after a hard day at work or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The room will also be a place where the tenants will socialise in, perhaps as a family or perhaps entertaining guests.


With respect to the relaxation aspect of the living room, one of the most important facilitating devices with respect to this will be the television. Generally, the television will be situated in the part of the room that offers the best views from the rest of the room, will also be in a place that is out of the way and does not interfere with free movement within the space and finally in a place that is not subject to glaring from natural (or artificial) light sources.


Generally, the television should be adequately elevated so as to allow for comfortable and easy viewing. This is usually achieved by the addition of a television stand. TV stands are purpose build pieces of furniture similar to a coffee table or other low table. They are specifically designed to offer the viewer the optimum height for best viewing.


If you are looking for a TV stand then you need go no further than Property Letting Furniture Solutions.