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Curtains, Nets & Blinds

Curtains, Nets & Blinds

We offer a full range of curtains, nets and all styles of blinds, flame retardant materials available upon request. All items are made to measure.

How to measure for curtains

Accurately measuring for curtains is a must if you want to get the right fit, whether you're shopping for easy-fit ready-made curtains or commissioning made to measure. Curtain width measurements will depend on the length of your curtain track or pole, but measuring curtain length or 'drop' will be determined by where you'd like your drapes to end.
Always use a metal tape measure for better accuracy and follow our guide on how to measure for curtains to get your dimensions right!

Measuring a curtain track or pole

If you don't already have your track or pole in place our advice would be to fit it before you measure.
To fit correctly measure the width of the window plus 30/40cm (8-10"), this will ensure your curtains will comfortably  cover your window. Fit your track or pole approximately 15cm (6") above your window recess and centre ensuring you  have 15 20cm (6-8") either side of the window.

Measuring curtain width

For the best performance, your curtain track or pole should be positioned approximately 15cm (6") higher than the window, and be wider than your window by 15-20cm (6-8") either side.

1. If you're using a curtain track, measure its full length. For curtain poles measure the length of the pole only, do not include the finials (the decorative pieces on the end).
2. Use your curtain pole or track length to calculate the width of your curtains. To achieve a soft gathered look when your curtains are closed, use the header type to calculate the following:

• Pencil pleat = pole or track width x 2
• Eyelet = pole or track width x 2
• Tab top = pole or track width x 1.5

Add a further 2.5cm (1") to the width measurement to allow your curtains to overlap in the middle when closed.