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  • Make Eating At A Table A Habit

    An essential part of any home is the dining area consisting of a number of chairs around a table.

    During the fifties and sixties when most households got hold of their first televisions it was considered normal to sit in front of the screen and eat supper from a plate on the lap. This habit was encouraged by adverts from the USA.

    A sociologist might argue that this was the beginning of the breakdown of the typical family unit. Conversation between members of the family ceased as everyone concentrated on the latest soap on the box.

    The dining area is an essential part of any home however small or l ... read more

  • PLFS’s New Furniture Rental Service

    Furniture Rentals

    PLFS have now launched a new furniture rental service for the property market.

    Whether you are a landlord, a tenant or someone who has a short term furniture need, then we can help you. With fully furnished studio flats starting at £85.00 plus VAT per month, we have the package to suit your needs and can accommodate any rental period from 1 month to 3 years.

    Our new rentals website is currently under construction and will be launched soon so please keep checking this page as well as our main website for further updates.

    In the meantime if you need any further assistance o ... read more

  • Save Your Money With Kitchen Starter Packs

    Everything you need for a fully stocked kitchen appears here.

    They may be called starter packs but it is hard to spot anything missing from this collection that enables every type of food preparation, cooking and serving and that’s not to mention the bottle opener, mop and bucket.

  • Choose The Pack That Fits

    Furnishing a house or apartment from scratch can be a long and frustrating experience. Property Lettings Furniture help you chose the pack that fits.

    Furnishing a house or apartment from scratch can be a long and frustrating experience and just when you think it complete you will undoubtedly find there is something obvious forgotten.

    This is where the company comes into its own with complete furniture packs for every room from kitchen to bathroom and lounge to bedroom.

    A whole house or apartment can be instantly completely furnished on a room by room basis. This means just the bedroom can be kit ... read more

  • Keep It Hot In The Kitchen

    Kitchen Appliances for Landlords

    Here you will find a full range of kitchen equipment including a selection of all white goods from fridge to washing machine and dishwasher to cookers.

    Electric cookers are generally considered to be better than gas. They are cleaner and safer as well as being considered more efficient than gas. Every professional or amateur chef will say that gas is best for the hob and electric for the oven.

    ... read more

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