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Choose The Pack That Fits

Furnishing a house or apartment from scratch can be a long and frustrating experience. Property Lettings Furniture help you chose the pack that fits.

Furnishing a house or apartment from scratch can be a long and frustrating experience and just when you think it complete you will undoubtedly find there is something obvious forgotten.

This is where the company comes into its own with complete furniture packs for every room from kitchen to bathroom and lounge to bedroom.

A whole house or apartment can be instantly completely furnished on a room by room basis. This means just the bedroom can be kitted out or any of the other rooms. It may also mean you are only looking for specific items and not the complete set. This way of ordering online can also be accommodated for.

Being able to buy this way saves a great deal of time and hassle. Instead of drifting from one web site to another to find everything from cookers to bed linen we have it all here under one roof.


We also deliver the whole lot in one go and as long as all is in stock this usually means the very next day.

There is a lot of advantage in buying from one supplier such as this because it means one receipt, one payment and one delivery. Conversely, when buying individual items from different suppliers it is often necessary for a person to be present at different times and different days.

Buying a furniture pack from the many on display is advantageous in other ways as well. The high quality products are bought wholesale and this advantage is passed on to the customer by means of prices that beat most traditional retailers.

The shape and size of the room will dictate the type of furniture you need to buy. Obviously a small one bedroom London apartment should not be over crowded with furniture and some of the more compact space saving furniture would be best.

Over filling an apartment can be a mistake when the agent struggles to show a prospective tenant around. They may immediately be put off the place if they find that getting around the room together becomes like a contortionists nightmare.

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