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Terms & Conditions

Website terms of use

Any visitors that do not wish to use this website to place orders or would prefer not to open an account for any reason are still able to place orders by telephone or e-mail.

New customers may request an account with us; we will then provide login details to allow you to access our prices and make purchases via our online store. You may be asked to provide proof of your status/company before we accept your client account request.

Please note that your account with us may be suspended or cancelled immediately at our discretion if you were to breach any of our obligations found within these terms & conditions. We may not provide any notification.

While we strive to ensure our customers have access to our website 24 hours a day, at any point the website may temporarily be suspended without notice, in case of system crashes, maintenance or for reasons out of our control, we will not be held liable. If any problems do arise we ask our customers to contact us or place orders by other means of communication, listed with this document.


Orders are accepted by telephone, fax, E-mail or web order.

Orders placed are not legal binding contracts until the order has been accepted and approved by Property Letting Furniture Solutions Ltd. Once an order is accepted by us we will notify you and arrange delivery or collection.

Property Letting Furniture Solutions Ltd reserve the right to decline any part, if not all of any order received for any reason, should this be the case you will be contacted via email or telephone.

We advise our customers to keep a copy of all e-mails which relate to your orders for your own reference. Property Letting Furniture Solutions Ltd also keep a record of all orders taken by us, if you require any information please feel free to contact us.


Payments for all online orders must be processed on the date of placing the order unless payment is to be arranged for collection or delivery.

Clients who have been trading with us for over 12 months and have been approved are allegeable for a 30 day credit period, if required. Meaning orders can me placed and products are delivered to the buyer with a 30 day allowance period to make full payment to Property Letting Furniture Solutions Ltd. This is subject to our discretion.

On checkout you shall be redirected to Barclaycard Payment Gateway website, we use this payment gateway to accept card payments from our customers this method is very secure, one of the most secure payment gateways on the Internet. However we cannot be held liable for any fault in Barclaycard’s systems as this is a third party organisation. Please check Barclaycard’s full terms and conditions.

We accept Cash on collection and on delivery, Debit/Credit card only. We also accept cheques from customers that have an account with us and have been dealing with us for over 12 months. This is subject to our discretion.

Title of Goods

The title of all goods remain with Property Letting Furniture Solutions until payment has been made in full, with cleared funds.


All prices seen on this website include VAT.

Prices may change from time to time due to an increase in the cost to Property Letting Furniture Solutions Ltd; reasons may include an increase in the costs of raw materials, labour, overheads, taxes and duties or any change to exchange rates. If any changes in price apply to a product sold to a customer and has not yet been updated online, Property Letting Furniture Solutions will notify the buyer of this change, the buyer shall then have the right to cancel the order and be refunded for the full amount paid. Notice for cancellation must be received from the Buyer within 48 hours of receiving the notice of the price increase from Property Letting Furniture Solutions.


Property Letting Furniture Solutions stocks all products shown on this website although from time to time some products may be out of stock, due to high demand. If this is the case a Property Letting Furniture Solutions representative will be in contact with the Buyer within 24 hours.

We aim to provide the most accurate pictures on our website and within our brochures for each of our products. However, we cannot be held liable for colour discrepancies between our pictures and the actual product, this is due to printing, different Internet browsers, monitor colour contrasts .etc.

Collection & Delivery

All deliveries are completed by Property Letting Furniture Solutions. Property Letting Furniture Solutions offers the opportunity to all our customers to arrange their own collection or delivery but we can also arrange delivery for all our customers within the UK.

All products are scheduled to be shipped out to 2-3 working days after purchase confirmation is received although if for any reason delivery could take up to 10 working days.

Cancellation & Returns

No claim for shortage or damage can be allowed unless carriers are advised in writing within 7 days of delivery and no claim for non-delivery can be recognised unless your advice us 10 days of invoice date.

In the event of any claim on the items purchased in this invoice; seller’s liability in no circumstances exceed the invoice proceed of the defective goods in question

We undertake to replace any goods defective in workmanship or materials if returned within 14 day, but we cannot accept any other responsibility.

Visitors Conduct

Whether a guest on our website or a customer of our business using our website; our content should be respected at all times. Misconduct and misuse of content on this website will result in legal action. This includes breech of copyright laws, technically harmful sources, including but not limited to, computer viruses, worms, malware, spyware and harmful data. If such an event arises we will fully co-operate with the local Law authorities. Suspected criminals information will be passed onto the Police and maybe taken to court for prosecution.

When visiting our warehouses, your safety is important to us but we cannot be held liable for any injuries in or outside the work place. Children are allowed onsite but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


We do not except liability for any errors and reserve the right to change any information, prices, specifications, descriptions, products or services.

Property Letting Furniture Solutions Ltd will not be held liable for delay in delivery for any of the following reasons, floods, strikes, fire, lock-outs, riots, governmental actions, explosion, bad weather or any other similar events.

For any complaints and remarks please use our ‘Contact us’ page to bring any issues to our attention.


Full copy of Property Letting Furniture Solution Ltd's ISO policy is available upon request.